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Welcome to the “Orthodox Christian Religion” website. This website has been created in order to show everyone truths found in the Orthodox Christian Religion, clarify misconceptions regarding this Faith that ail many believers, and give answers to big questions in life that make people find themselves, and hopefully enjoy a better and more meaningful life.

Religion plays a huge role in our lives either by accepting or rejecting it. There are a lot of religions out there. By believing or not, we view the world in a different perspective that affects every single moment of our lives. Then life may be better, worse, devastating or it simply has meaning.

Is there any truth out there? This is a question that has been torturing the creators and authors of this site for many years as probably and many other people. To their understanding, the answer is positive. Yes, there is truth out there, and the tangible blessings we receive when we believe in it are the best documentation of its existence.

Almost all religions have been created by the need the humans have to explain death, afterlife, and to take strength and hope during hard times. The initial goal of all of them, or at least of the majority of them, was to make life better. The question that is being raised now is whether following the one or the other religion can lead only to good things or not. Unfortunately, despite the good intentions all religions may have, dangers lurk in each of them. What is good and what is bad in them? Can all of them be true? Are all of them worthless and fake? Are some of them true and some not? Is there really any true religion among them or do all of them just hold some truths and some lies?

Fact is, religion can bring the meaning in life we are all looking for, but it can ruin lives as well. This is the reason, only if we respect our lives and take them seriously, we all must study the religions that exist today and find by ourselves what is right and what is wrong (always to our understanding,) what we can trust and what not. All the good things in life need great efforts to be found and then obtained. But once we find them and get them, our lives are so much better.

With main aim in mind to find the good things in life that make us happier, the creators and authors of this website are trying to present as many subjects on Orthodox Christian Religion as possible, understandable to all people.

The content of this website is the result of years of research, study and experience of a creative team, combined with others’ experience and research as well. However, the content may not be about all the teachings and rules that shape the Orthodox Christian Religion. It may be limited only to these subjects that can help everyone understand (always according to the authors’ understanding) that God, Christ, Virgin Mary, Angels & Saints are all real, and that when believe in them we become better and happier persons, thus, we lead a happier, too, and more meaningful life.



The authors of this site were raised with the Orthodox Christian Religion’s values in the simplest way. Hardships in life, like the ones every single person encounters every now and then, miracles experienced while coping with those hardships, the meeting with Elder Paisios, whom you can read about on this website, as well as the books read about Elders Porphyrios and Elder Iakovos Tsalikis, were quite enough to make the authors realize that there is something good and real in the Orthodox Christian Religion.

As many Orthodox Christians, the authors while growing up, perceived this Faith as part of their country’s traditions that just brought people together in the church and taught them some good values. Exactly like what all religions do, as many philosophical trends and movements have done for centuries as well. Time came though at which the authors understood that the Orthodox Christian Religion is not only about some nice teachings, and Christ is not only a part of a beautiful story from the past. They came to understand that Christ appears to be real, and he works miracles tirelessly in order to make us better and happier persons. The authors are saying here “appears to be real” and not “he is real” because they always want to leave a small doubt in case time tells different things while we grow older, learn more things, and become more mature. So far, the Orthodox Christian Religion has made the huge difference in the life of the creators and authors of this site, and the best proof of that difference is this site itself & its content, as well as unique projects that you may know about in the future.

The authors, as mentioned above, did not take the Orthodox Christian Religion as gospel. They actually took it as gospel only when they were children, which is normal and always comes naturally to any child because of their parents’s beliefs. When they entered the teenage years in which everyone usually disputes everyone and everything, they started researching on their faith as they did with many other topics they were interested in.

The authors believe that everyone, whatever religion he or she may have, must at one point start doubting about it, and study and other religions. Accepting and following the religion passed on to them by their parents and ancestors, may not be wise for a thinking person of our times. Why to take whatever our religion says as gospel without first studying and other religions? Even if we consider it good and we are happier by applying its teachings to our lives, when we study and other religions we may find and something better, or after our research we may consider our religion not just good, but the best and the only true. Everything is possible. Believing that the religion we have been raised with is the only true, without first knowing about what the other religions teach, that alone has too much ego in it. And ego is always harmful and blinds. That’s why the authors of this website, while always trying to be open-minded, they studied and researched all the other religions because they considered that course of action the only way to find the truth.

What they found, studied and experienced in the past years did not allow them to turn a blind eye and just say “OK, God exists, or a power above us (as most people say) exists, and now let’s continue our lives”. When someone is almost certain that God and Christ exist, and they make their life better when they believe in Them, they definitely want to let others know about it in order to make them, too, enjoy a better life. Let’s note here again that the authors are saying for one more time “almost certain” because they do not want to say yet “certain”. They believe that we all should keep a small doubt within, despite the evidence and experience we may have had because as long as we live we learn.

To avoid misunderstandings, the authors are Orthodox Christians and are practicing the Orthodox Christian Religion because they consider it the most true so far religion. While growing older, they are open to study more, learn, experience, evaluate, accept or reject new things when it comes to religion. That process may lead them to a point at which they could say that another religion holds the truth, or that the Orthodox Christian Religion is undoubtedly the only true religion. Time will tell.

The authors do not try to convert people to the Orthodox Christian Religion. They just want to present facts that showed them that something good and real exists in this religion.

Needless to say, although ongoing efforts have been made by the authors towards being as objective as possible, what is written on this site should not be taken as gospel, and everyone should evaluate it and then, if they think so, reject, dispute, or accept it.  We should always do that if we want to move life forward. If we are constantly complaining about the mess the world is mired, only interested in having something to eat and just some money to hang out, and at the same time taking as gospel whatever we hear here and there without first evaluating it, then the world will never change for the better.

The authors apologize for any mistakes made regarding the English language. While they continue to study the English language, the content of this website will be corrected, and slowly all the mistakes will be eliminated.



Truth is, we live in very tough times. Every single minute changes are made in the whole world in such a fast manner as we have never seen before. People are more “lost”, stressed, in despair, and they have more psychological problems than ever. The main reason for that is probably that in this fast-paced world in which everyone struggles to make it, we have certainly lost values that shape a healthy body and mind. That loss of values may have occurred naturally due to the tough world we live in, but it may also have been caused on purpose by the ones who want to control everything and everyone. A weak and “lost” person is easily controlled and led to where some powerful political, religious or other leaders want (and whoever else may be hidden behind them), in order to hold the cards and keep to themselves money, prosperity, and the power to do whatever they want. History has shown that persons who realized the real face of God through the Orthodox Christian Religion, became lighthouses that awakened people and make them enjoy a better life, something that was against the malicious plans of powerful leaders at times. That’s why all those persons were persecuted, tortured into denying their faith, and many of them became the biggest Saints of the Orthodox Christian Religion. What precisely the word “Saint” means can be found in the content of this website.

What the authors have understood after years of research and study, is that the truth is one. It cannot be two or three, but we must find it. It is not that easy. Every religion claims it has the truth, but we should all wonder the “why” and where every single religion comes from. Especially in the times we live there’s been sort of an international movement that tries to make people believe that all religions are quite the same and we should create “one international” religion in which all the religious leaders and believers will worship God together. This sounds ideal, but in order to achieve it, many religions should sacrifice some of their main principals that constitute their dogma, and given that there is one only truth among them, that truth will be distorted or totally destroyed. Only when we find which the truth is, we then can make efforts to spread it to the whole world and make it as the one international religion. To make it now may be very dangerous. That movement for one international religion is being made in such a way that many people have already started to believe that it is the best we can do in order to live all together in peace. That may be a big trap and maybe a well-organized plan to harm the Orthodox Christian Religion or whatever religion we prove that holds the truth. The values the Orthodox Christian Religion (and possibly some other religions) has kept for centuries, are totally against many powerful people’s views and plans, which aim at benefiting solely themselves and their close circles.

It’s totally right that “everyone should be free to believe whatever they want” but something is missing from this phrase. We should definitely add something to it: “Everyone should be free to believe whatever they want, as long as they do not harm others.” Unfortunately, in many religions, from the ancient world to these years, many believers have not only harmed themselves by applying certain rules of their religions into their lives, but they have also harmed others. This harm may have been done unintentionally and unknowingly, but in some cases on purpose.

All people have been looking for what makes them lead happier lives. Religion, when perceived correctly, may be the most valuable tool toward that goal. However, religion, as mentioned above, can also ruin lives if people are naive and unaware of the dangers hidden in all of the religions that exist today (the Orthodox Christian Religion included as well.) The harm happens when many of the religions leaders, priests, spiritual fathers etc. are not authentic, and try to take advantage of their positions for their own reasons at times. Considering that there was one Judas among the Christ’s twelve disciples, we can easily assume how many “Judas” may have existed in all religions, and how many in the Orthodox Christian Religion from the first days of its foundation.

Many people do not believe at all, others believe too much and go over the edge, some others do not know what exactly they believe, and few only believe in the right way. Are people who believe in the right way more enlightened, wiser and happier? Let’s find out…



There is often a lot of confusion about what Orthodox Christian Religion is, and which countries it is found in. It is important to mention here, on this introductory page of this website, that the Orthodox Christian Religion, or the Eastern Orthodox Church as it is commonly referred to, is considered the only true and authentic religion when it comes to Christ. It started when Christ came to earth. Christ himself was the founder of that Church and the apostles spread that religion across the world. It has not changed since its foundation, thus it is believed to be the only Christian religion that holds the truth intact from the years that Christ came to earth.

Countries where the Orthodox Christian Religion is traditionally the predominant religion are: Greece, Cyprus, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, and Russia. Countries with also a quite high percentage of Orthodox Christians are: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, Latvia, Kazakhstan. Some other countries follow with a little lower percentage.

Of high importance is to clarify that when we refer to the Orthodox Christian Religion on this website, we mean the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church. This is another way people are used to referring to that religion to differentiate it from the Oriental Orthodox Christian Religion and Church. The Eastern Orthodox Christian Church (the Orthodox Christian Religion) is the authentic and true Church founded by Christ. There is a fine line between that Church and the Oriental Orthodox Christian Church found mainly in Armenia, Eritrea, and Ethiopia, but also in lower percentages in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, and India. On this website, we will refer to that fine line so anyone can have a clear picture of that difference. When traditionally people mention the Orthodox Christian Religion and Church, they refer to the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church, which is considered the only intact Orthodox Christian Faith.

With these words in mind let’s start exploring this website, getting more knowledge about where the truth lies when it comes to religion, and thus enjoy a happier life.



Over time, when the content of this site becomes richer, it may seem a daunting task to explore its pages although we try to organize all the stuff on it and keep it neat & clean, meaning easy to digest. Especially when one attempts for the first time to learn about the Orthodox Christian Religion, things may seem complicated or confusing. However, our approach to that religion, which in our opinion is the only true religion, may be very easy when we know where to start from. So here is our advice: If you want to better understand this website without being confused at all, start from the page “Why the truth lies here” & the category “The steps”. In our opinion, this is the wisest action. After reading the brief article on that page, and then the simple steps we suggest, you may want to continue to visit and study this site, or simply never visit it again because you don’t actually believe in God. Start from the two sections above, and then continue with whatever seems more interesting to you and captures your attention. That starting point is where everyone should start from when in general wants to embark on the journey of religion, but also particularly of the Orthodox Christian religion, which is the case here. Start from that point, and enjoy your trip. It is definitely worth it.